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ZANE Management Report

ZANE’s Executive Board recently released a Management Report to the community with updated information concerning the overall structure of the organization. Below is the communique that was addressed to the community:

Management Report

Long-term success calls upon due diligence and excellence; and that’s what we, your leaders, have been & continue to consistently work on.

  1. On Monday March 12th, 2012, communication went out concerning two vacant Executive positions of Vice President & Secretary of the ZANE Executive Board.
    As of today, March 30th, 2012, we are here to report that:
    Mr. Dalitso Mwanza will be Vice President (until next elections in March of 2013).
    Mrs. Ellen Kaliba will be Secretary (until next elections in March of 2013).

Here is the complete & updated listing of your Executive Board:

Mr. Kwanga A Kaweza – President
Mr. Dalitso D Mwanza – Vice President
Mrs. Ellen Kaliba – Secretary
Mrs. Janet N Mwale – Treasurer
Mr. Joshua Mwanza – Vice Treasurer
Mr. Tito Banda – Board Advisor
Mrs. Keena Banda – Board Advisor
Reverend Margaret Masuwa – Spiritual Advisor
Reverend Cornelius Masuwa – Spiritual Advisor
Mr. Stanley Kabaso – Community Chief

All the Executive positions (above) will be open and vacant at election time in March of 2013.

  1. Regional Directors
    Like ‘Coordinators’ in the past but with broader responsibilities: The Executive has decided to incorporate Regional Directors as part of the overall leadership. The Regional Directors are responsible in managing the affairs of their esteemed regions or states. They will be key role-players between the Zane community and the leadership.

ZANE is made up of 6 States:

With an approximate New England States total area of 71,991.8 sq. mi (186,458.8 km²); Regional Directors will play a key role in working with the committee leaders and the community in the New England States.

Here is the up-to-date listing of our Regional Directors:
1. Maine – Ms. Salome Sungubele
2. Rhode Island – Mr. Harrison Songolo
3. Vermont – Dr. Sosten Lungu
4. Connecticut – (vacant)
5. New Hampshire – (vacant)
6. Massachusetts – (vacant)

[contact Zane if you wish to serve as Regional Director in the above 3 vacant positions. One needs to be a resident of the esteemed state in order to qualify]

  1. Department Directors
    The Executive will still continue with the four Departments that primarily focus on working and developing ZANE’s programs while collaborating with ZANE’s partners. The Departments are: i) Education ii) Sports iii) Finance iv) EntrepreneurshipHere is the up-to-date listing of our Department Directors:
    1. Education – Ms. Sibeso Macwani
    2. Finance – Mr. Joshua Mwanza
    3. Entrepreneurship – (vacant)
    4. Sports – Mr. Paul Bulaya, Mr. Faith Kaliba
    [contact Zane if you wish to lead as Director in the above vacant position]
  2. ZANE Committees
    The ZANE Committees set in motion at this year’s Zane Indaba, are officially in effect!

Again, the purpose of the committees is to spur community participation and empowerment. Therefore, as each State has a Regional Director, so shall each State have its own 5 committees namely i) Men’s Group ii) Women’s Group iii) Youth Group iv) Fundraising Group v) Event Coordination
Here are theMassachusetts Committee Leaders:
1. Men’s Group – Mr. Paul Bulaya
2. Women’s Group – Mrs. Dorothy Harrison
3. Youth Group – Ms. Mbalanda Mwanza
4. Fundraising Committee – Mrs. Mbita M. Mwanza
5. Event Coordination – Mrs. Priscilla Ng’ambi


The Regional Directors of all the other 5 States in New England will hence forth each establish the 5 Committees named above. Please, cooperate with them and assist them realize these vital committees to be a reality in your beautiful and respective Communities.

All this is being implemented to help ZANE better serve you, the community.

Thus, as we forge ahead, let us collectively, acknowledge the importance and merits of how all the parts in ZANE connect & work together towards the common goal of Empowering Zambians.

Here Below is: The Framework & Channel of Communication in ZANE.

“All About Empowering Zambians”


ZANE Executive Board

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  1. Kwanga Jan 28, 2015


    Thank you for contacting ZANE. Unfortunately, we do not have the password. We suggest you contact ZNBC directly.


  2. Mashmallow Jan 20, 2015

    I desperately want to access ZNBC TV live stream from here in Namibia. What password should I use? Is there subscription required?
    Kind regards


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