Empowering Zambians in the New England Area



Dear Zambians , Friends, Community in USA and New England:

Please clink on the link below to donate to an important cause for the community:


Zambians in New England Association (ZANE) is a registered Non Profit Organization in the state of Massachusetts. Its covers six states in the New England region with matters and issues affecting Zambians in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


To grow and enhance the organization and its performance, the organization seeks a Zane Headquarters to house a secretariat, administer its operations and also to assist meet fully its mission and objectives. The Organization is fundraising to have a home for its activities as well as a center to exhibit the Zambian culture and heritage for Zambians in the USA, their families and friends and also meet minimal administration costs.



With a mission to ‘Empower Zambians’, ZANE has existed for the last seven years. The organization has run numerous programs over the years that have included donation of several thousands of books to Zambia, Fundraising events to carter for emergency situations in the community and many programs that bring together a community. The organization also has partnerships that combat HIV and AIDS, Acknowledges college and professional development accomplishments through its education program to enhance leadership and skills accomplishments in the community.


ZANE Summary of plans:


  • To create Strong programs that enrich the community and offer opportunity networks for Zambians in this region and in Zambia
  • Preserve the culture and heritage of Zambia through enrichment programs and events.
  • To promote Diaspora initiatives that can lead to an understanding relationship between the government of Zambia through the mission in the USA so as to include Zambians in Diaspora in national development and exercise their citizenship rights.
  • To be a link between Zambians in the USA and those in Zambia to build and create relationships that will benefit both parties.
  • To assist Zambians and Zambians Americans in the New England states to understand and close the gap in social and cultural backgrounds and addressing relevant life needs for two cultures.
  • To have our own culture or community center where we can meet, host, advertise and patronize.
  • To try to address where possible our challenges in finding suitable employment, education and address legal immigration challenges.




Your generosity for this cause is highly appreciated. To get acknowledgment from the Organization, please indicate your name and we will write an official letter to you indicating our acceptance for your donation and also in order for us to have a record of your donation on file.

Thank you

Zambians Association of New England

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