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ZANE Donates Soccer Gear to CMML-Zambia

ZANE through its ‘Community Sports & Wellness’ Program, recently donated two sets of soccer jerseys and soccer balls to the ‘Youth of Kamwala’ Christian Missions in Many Lands Church (CMML)- Zambia.

This generous donation was presented by ZANE’s National Correspondent in Zambia, Mr. Mundandamo Kaweza to CMML Church Elders during the church’s service announcements. “The congregation broke out in smiles and exuberant clapping. This gesture was well received by all present,” said Mr. Kaweza joyfully.

The youth were so ecstatic that after the church service, the boys had an impromptu soccer practice, which had them rushing to try on their brand new soccer jerseys, and testing their new soccer balls. On the other hand, the girls were inspired enough to inquire when they can have their own team jerseys too, for netball and other sporting activities.

Below are some pictures that are evident enough of the gratitude on the faces of the Kamwala Youth CMML Group. In fact, the jerseys have come at the right time as the youths will be participating in a soccer tournament, against other CMML church teams.

All in all it was a very rare and fantastic occasion.

CMML- Zambia left ZANE with these wise words; “Keep up the good work for God shall surely reward you all.”

ZANE wants to thank Coach Valentine Mbewe for his contributions towards this wonderful donation.

By Zangi

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  1. Kwanga Jan 28, 2015


    Thank you for contacting ZANE. Unfortunately, we do not have the password. We suggest you contact ZNBC directly.


  2. Mashmallow Jan 20, 2015

    I desperately want to access ZNBC TV live stream from here in Namibia. What password should I use? Is there subscription required?
    Kind regards


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