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ZANE Celebrates 50 Years of Mother Zambia!

The Zambian Association of New England (ZANE) marked Mother Zambia’s Golden Jubilee Independence by celebrating 50 Years of Peace & Unity on Saturday, October 25th, 2014.

Zambians from across New England States such as Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhodes Island, & ZANE’s home base state Massachusetts turned out in large numbers to celebrate this important milestone in Zambia’s history.

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Golden Jubilee Guests Celebrating Zambia’s 50TH Anniversary!

Spiritual Leaders from the ZANE Community (Representatives from Fountain of Grace Church, Kingdom Dominion Church Intl, & ZANE’s very own Spiritual Advisors) reminded the Independence crowd to mark the occasion with gratitude as it is rare for a country to celebrate 50 years of peace whilst being united.

Independence Decorator Mrs. Keena Banda tied the theme with beautiful centrepieces comprised of copper plates with the Zambian Flag, & decorative cups with hot pepper (piripiri) plants. The hot pepper plants highlighted the DoAgric movement  that encourages investment in Agriculture & support of African small holder farmers.


Golden Jubilee Commemorative Centerpiece

Golden Jubilee Commemorative Centerpiece

ZANE President Mr. Kwanga Kaweza in his Jubilee speech thanked the Independence Committee, ZANE members, partners, vendors, caterer, decorator, & volunteers for making the event successful. Mr. Kaweza mentioned how in collaboration with ZANE Partner MAC-AFIA, the ZANE MA Men’s & Women’s Committees were able to fundraise $600 towards the Independence Budget through participating in HIV/AIDS Awareness meetings. He also reminded the Jubilee guests to continue keeping in prayer “our brothers and sisters from Liberia and West Africa, and all around the world including right here in the United States, who are going through a very trying time with the Ebola crisis.”
The ZANE community was honored to have in their midst, Keynote Speaker Mr. Tito Banda, son of Zambian Freedom Fighter-the Late Honorable Dingiswayo Banda.

Keynote Speaker- Mr. Tito Banda

Keynote Speaker- Mr. Tito Banda

Highlights of Mr. Banda’s speech included; the origin of the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ mantra that speaks of the unity of Zambia’s 73 tribes, the Zambian flag as a symbol of hope & homage to the Freedom Fighters & all 5 Zambian Presidents- First President Kenneth David Kaunda, Second President The Late Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba, Third President The Late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Fourth President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, and Fifth President The Late Michael Chilufya Sata. Mr Banda also challenged the Zambian youth of today to over the next 50 years, bring ‘real development & prosperity to all’ and not let what the Zambian forefathers sacrificed & fought for go to waste.

ZANE also marked a historic partnership at the Independence Event, when ZANE Vice President Dalitso Mwanza announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ZANE & DSi (Diaspora Support Initiative). DSi is a Zambian company that provides support services to Zambians in the Diaspora such as property management, legal matters & document processing etc.

ZANE President Mr. Kwanga Kaweza (L), ZANE Vice President Mr. Dalitso Mwanza with ZANE-DSi MOU Press Release (C) & ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. George Phiri

ZANE President Mr. Kwanga Kaweza (L), ZANE Vice President Mr. Dalitso Mwanza with ZANE-DSi MOU Press Release (C) & ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. George Phiri(R)

The Golden Jubilee Independence Celebration was marked with lively entertainment & performances reminiscent of activities held back home in our homeland.

By Zangi

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