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ZANE Adopts Chimwemwe

The Zambian Assoc. of New England has formally adopted Chimwemwe Trust School [CTS] and now acts as the School’s Primary Partner. This means Chimwemwe Trust School now becomes the primary recipient of ZANE’s programs and initiatives.

After successfully serving the Zambian Community in the New England area of the U.S. for the past 3 years, ZANE has been presented with an opportunity to expand its base to help in much needed areas of its home country, Zambia.
(This however, does not mean that the Zambian Assoc. of New England will no longer serve within the New England region)

For the majority of the year 2010, ZANE in its keen efforts to help & make a difference in communities & with people’s livelihoods, had been working on adopting a community in some of the most vulnerable areas of Zambia. It collaborated and jointly worked with American nonprofit organizations that were already helping and running various programs in Zambia.
In the month of October 2010, ZANE through Communities Without Borders [CWB] decisively found a community that is very poor and needing a lot of assistance but with a lot of potential of developing into a dynamic and intriguingly productive community. A community ZANE could sustain and help develop.

This entire community is called Kabanana Compound, located North-end of Lusaka in Zambia. Within Kabanana compound is a small community of about 1600 people with a School called Chimwemwe Trust School. Chimwemwe Trust School caters for orphans & vulnerable children (OVC) as well as hearing impaired and deaf children; most of these children lost both of their parents to HIV/AIDS while the remaining few have single parents, mostly mothers (widows) living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

As noted, this community is very poor and faces a lot of special challenges in meeting the educational and health needs of its people, especially that of the children.

ZANE’s immediate goal for this Community & School is to start implementing programs that will help the Kids with erudition and Parents to self-sustenance or self-dependent livelihoods.

Everything about this New Mission and this Community will be showcased at this year’s ZANE’s Tilipamodzi Dinner.

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