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Zambia-US Diaspora Initiative Launch

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has recognized the importance of the “Diaspora” in the nation’s development agenda.
To this end, the Government embarked on the formulation of a Diaspora Policy.

With this in mind, the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Washington DC started collaborating with an interim Committee of Zambians in the diaspora to work out the Objectives, Terms of Reference and other modalities pertaining to the launch of the first ever Zambia-US Diaspora Initiative (ZUDI).

The main objective of this initiative among others is to harness the potential of the Diaspora in attracting Foreign Direct Investment, Tourists and capturing remittances into Zambia.

It is therefore, with great pleasure, that the Zambia-US Diaspora Committee shares with you the first stages of the creation of a historical and timely initiative, The Zambia-US Diaspora Initiative. The goal of the initiative is the facilitation of greater Diaspora involvement in Zambia’s development, from a for-profit and non-profit involvement.

After several months of meetings, a decision was made to launch the initiative on April 21st 2012 in large part so that it would coincide with the visit of a high-powered delegation from Zambia.

We understand that the short notice might make it difficult for most to travel for the meeting so we have set up the ability for you all to listen in to the discussions through a conference call. The number is 218 548 1681 access code 1964. The lines will open at 6pm EST (3pm PST). There is an 800-caller limit so please call in on time.

The launch event will take place on Saturday 21st April, 2012 at the Embassy of Zambia Chancery 2419 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008 from 6:30PM – 8:30PM.

We look forward to a successful launch.

Invitation Letter from Her Excellency


Your individual & collective participation in the diaspora as whole will always remain fundamental.
Therefore, the Zambia-US Diaspora Initiative Committee is asking that you submit any questions and/or propositions you may have. These are being collected with the purpose of presenting them to the appropriate officials during the Question & Answer session at the launch in Washington DC.

Questions and/or Propositions may vary from land opportunities, investing in Zambia to how the Diaspora can be better served with the Zambia-US Diaspora Initiative etc.

You can submit your questions to ZANE or on Zambian Resource Center

Thank you.

The Zambia-US Diaspora Committee

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