Empowering Zambians in the New England Area


What ZANE is Doing

ZANE’s adoption of Chimwemwe Trust School is indeed a great undertaking with an enormous responsibility.
The ZANE Leadership is committed to doing everything it can to assist in advancing the great cause of education in Zambia. It finds the option of not doing anything about high levels of illiteracy & children not being able to go to school in Africa – in this case Zambia, inexcusable.

To meet these challenging needs, specifically of this community, the ZANE Executive Board has first and foremost put together a Chimwemwe Initiative Team. This team is comprised of wonderful individuals with a passion for education and great sense of community outreach.

This team is helping:

1. Set up a Comprehensive School Model

2. Set up a Functioning Library System

3. Implement ZANE’s Empowerment through Education Program

4. Enforce Combat Illiteracy Program [Book Project]

5. Enhance the Community’s Existing ‘Women Empowering – Development Enterprises’ Program

6. Promote Sports & Health Programs

7. Set up a Special Needs Program

ZANE is excited in seeing the above prospects and programs implemented.

We ask you to join us in making this community a model of success.

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