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Ubuntu Ties ZANE Community At Indaba

The 2014 ZANE Indaba, an annual cultural event that brings together the Zambian community in New England in a traditional get-together, was successfully held this past Saturday, March 29th, 2014.

ZANE Indaba Attendees Being Welcomed By ZANE Vice President Mr. Dalitso Mwanza

ZANE Vice President Mr. Dalitso Mwanza in his welcome remarks thanked the Indaba dwellers for their continued support of all things ZANE. An opening prayer by ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. George Phiri was followed by a rousing rendition of Zambia’s national anthem, which was led by Reverend Cornelius Masuwa.

After a short introduction of the ZANE Leadership that were present, ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. Phiri delivered a message on the importance of the ZANE Indaba and the reason why it was a good event to attend. He explained the cultural significance of gathering in a traditional setting and how it fosters unity within the ZANE community. ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. Phiri shared a funny anecdote of how attending the Indaba also provides a ‘chance of eating traditional food rather than just chicken all the time, which could get tiring.’

ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor Mr. Phiri highlighting the importance of the ZANE Indaba

Mr. Chipo Gift Mubambe, a Zambian student studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] shared his ZANE experience with the crowd. He spoke of the wonderful welcome he has received, the friends he has made, & how he has benefited from the cultural bonds that tie us as Zambians. He ended by encouraging the community to continue doing good, supporting the organization & its programs.

ZANE Vice President Mr. Mwanza highlighted ZANE’s current status and future. He informed the Indaba attendees of ZANE’s 7 year existence, a brief history timeline of all the ZANE Indabas that have been held & explained how ZANE is excited to celebrate Zambia’s Golden Jubilee [50 years of Independence]. He shared how he first learnt of ZANE by attending the inaugural ZANE Indaba & was so motivated to become a part of this great organization. With the 2014 Membership Sale being advertised at the Indaba, ZANE Vice President Mr. Mwanza took the opportunity to remind the community that the ZANE Treasury Office has proven to be a transparent and capable team that take good care of ZANE’s  finances.

ZANE Secretary Mrs. Kaweza then showcased ZANE’s Event Calendar for the year. ZANE Treasurer Mr. Mwawu briefly explained ZANE’s 2013 Financial Report and encouraged the community to pay their membership. He also shared one way ZANE would fundraise is through junk collections that could be further sold in a yard sale setting. Some families present at the Indaba took advantage of the 2014 ZANE Membership Sale by paying for their membership.

During the Q&A session, Aunty Grace Mwanza Boykai suggested the organization participate in some African festivals such as the Lowell African festival held in June to generate money through fundraising rather than being solely dependent on membership fees & donations. She explained how she participated by having a food stand and ended up generating a substantial net profit at day’s end. Two individuals volunteered to be a part of this fundraising venture on behalf of ZANE; Mrs. Thandi Mwawu & Mr. Dalitso Mwanza. More volunteers are encouraged to join this African Festival Fundraising Venture that will not only promote ZANE as an organization, but raise some money as well to aid its programs.

The Indaba ended with a meet and greet that also included a delicious traditional meal.

By Zangi.


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