Empowering Zambians in the New England Area


TiliPamodzi Program

TiliPamodzi means Togetherness in one of Zambia’s prestigious languages.
ZANE is a community based nonprofit organization and thus the supreme importance of this program. Through the TiliPamodzi, ZANE is able to be effective in empowering its community with humanitarian and community outreach services.

Provide the ZANE community with good-willed services that bolster a strong sense of community:

  • Host a ZANE Annual Graduation Barbecue for graduates in its community.
  • Rally support in community ceremonial events i.e. Baby Showers, Kitchen Parties, Weddings, Etc.
  • Provide a Community Platform at the ZANE Indaba [Annual Town-Hall Meeting]
  • Provide Special Community Platforms for the Community to meet with the Zambian – U.S. Embassy in Town-Hall Meetings, Etc.

Support the ZANE community during sicknesses and bereavements; ZANE comes through with this Humanitarian Service in the community by:

–          Assisting with Moral & Emotional Support
–          Assisting with Spiritual Support
–          Acting as the Primary or Secondary Source of Bereavement Communications
–          Rallying Community Support

Participate in State, City and Community Volunteer Programs

ZANE is a registered nonprofit in the State of Massachusetts. Its physical address is in the Greater City of Woburn, Massachusetts. Therefore ZANE is proud & grateful to give back to its City & State, and encourages its members across the New England region to participate in voluntary programs in their respected communities.
So far, ZANE is working hand in hand with the City of Woburn on a number of volunteer opportunities such as:

–          Bringing in donations and sorting
–          Loading and unloading donations
–          Food drives
–          Unloading mail carts
–          Etc.

Please contact us if you wish to participate in ZANE’s volunteer programs.

Together, we can help make a difference!

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