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The Lazarus Effect: “HBO” Zambian AIDS Documentary

‘The Lazarus Effect’ is an HBO documentary filmed in Zambia, showcasing the transformative effects that ARV’s have on people, their families and their communities, when treatment is accessible.

This film traces the experience of four Zambians: an HIV Peer Education Supervisor who lost all three of her children to AIDS before treatment was accessible, the miraculous transformation of an 11 year old orphan, a young family man struggling to survive for his wife and daughter, and a mother who despite being HIV-positive, was able to deliver a virus- free child.

The Lazarus effect is the center of a multi-media campaign (RED) to raise awareness of the impact of large-scale AIDS programs at work in sub-Saharan Africa, and the life restoring  effects of ARV medicine now available to HIV-positive people for around 40cents a day. By taking the ARV medicine – 2 life-saving pills that cost around 40 cents a day – in as few as 40 days, the medicine can help bring people back to life.

This documentary though inspiring, is a reminder that almost 4,000 people still die everyday from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, because not all people who need access to the treatment have it.

Please tune in to watch the premiere on May 24th, 2010 on HBO at 9PM ET/8PM CT, and on Youtube.


By Zangi


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