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Thank You ZANE Community!

Congratulations ZANE community!!

What a great 48th Independence Celebration we had together! An exhibition of a true ‘Tiyende Pamodzi’ spirit…

We would like to thank everyone who contributed, supported & came out for the event:

— Thank you to the Executive Board, Women’s & Men’s committees; the Event committee, and the Fundraising committee; Sports & Education Departments for your consistent professionalism and patriotic execution.
— Kudos to our 2 Masters of Ceremonies, the Performers & Entertainers who brought their skills & talents to orchestrate a great and fun show! Thanks to Futi na Futi Entertainment for the music service.
— We would also like to thank MAC-AFIA & the Harrison Scholars for their great partnership in supporting ZANE’s programs.
Let us continue in this same spirit of unity & working together!

Once again, thank you and congratulations Zane community for making this our best event yet!


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  1. Kwanga Jan 28, 2015


    Thank you for contacting ZANE. Unfortunately, we do not have the password. We suggest you contact ZNBC directly.


  2. Mashmallow Jan 20, 2015

    I desperately want to access ZNBC TV live stream from here in Namibia. What password should I use? Is there subscription required?
    Kind regards


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