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Senior Program Coordinator

Posted on 8/7/09

Job opening in a great agency:

Job Description

Senior Program Coordinator for State of Emergency Initiative and the Expanded Testing Program

Job summary statement:
The Program Coordinator works as part of a diverse team in a multicultural HIV/AIDS
service organization to coordinate and deliver collaborative cost effective
programmatic HIV/AIDS prevention programs to communities of color.
The State of Emergency Initiative increases awareness of HIV in Boston ’s Black
communities, educates about the importance of HIV testing, and supports people to
get tested through community events, educational workshops/trainings, and social
marketing campaigns.
The Expanded Testing Program is a testing initiative focused on training
community members to navigate high risk individuals in their social network into HIV
counseling, testing, and referral services.

Essential functions of the position:
1. Assist Program Director with the development, management and implementation
of HIV/AIDS programs.
2. Coordinate the implementation of community events and trainings that provide
social, educational and cultural environments conducive to community building
and risk reduction.
3. Coordinate testing initiatives
4. Manage Health System Navigator (HSN) and Community Advisory Board (CAB)
5. Track and manage internal and external administrative reporting process for
program reporting and evaluation requirements
• Work as a team member to support CAB members and HSNs around program
• Develop marketing strategies and materials for social marketing campaigns and
program activities
• Facilitate supported referrals by linking clients with Health System Navigators or
service providers and conduct referral follow up activities
• Coordinate/assist in the development & implementation of social marketing
• Collect, compile and organize monthly data reports and community assessment
data for funder and agency reporting.
• Maintain and develop appropriate collaborative relationships within communities
of color and with health organizations, faith organizations, and non-traditional
• Represent program at community events and other activities deemed necessary
by program activities
• Serve as a liaison between MAC and other CBOs or community entities
• Participate in trainings, workshops and/or courses to increase individual capacity
and industry awareness
• Other duties as assigned

Skills necessary for the position:
• Knowledge of & ability to work with high risk populations
• Knowledge of & ability to work with communities of color
• Innovative thinking
• Excellent program development skills
• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills
• Excellent time management & organizational skills
• Strong computer skills in MS Word, Excel, Publisher

Experience necessary for the position:
• Minimum of two years HIV/AIDS prevention experience
• Experience in community mobilization/development work
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate multiple tasks
• Demonstrated commitment to professional development
Education/Training required:
• Bachelors degree in health related field or equivalent work experience
• HIV/AIDS educator certifications preferred

Salary Range $34,000 – $38,000. Salary is based on experience.

Who the position reports to: Program Director,
Mercy Anampiu
Community Outreach Coordinator
Lowell Community Health Center
15-17 Warren St
Lowell MA 01852
Tel: 978-746-3092
Fax: 978-746-3089

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