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Prayer Gathering Held For Mother Zambia

The ZANE community recently came together to pray for peace during and after Zambia’s upcoming General Elections to be held in a couple of days time. This afternoon of prayer was held Saturday, September 10th, 2011 at the Fountain of Grace Church in Canton, MA.
Reverend Cornelius Masuwa (ZANE Co-Spiritual Advisor) & Pastor Brian Ng’ambi co-chaired this important church service, centering the ‘peace message’ on the II Chronicles 7: 14 Bible scripture. Prayers that called for peace, order and harmony were offered throughout the afternoon.
In addition, the congregation prayed for God to place a leader after His own heart; for all that are involved in the process including candidates; for Zambia’s economic success and for the peace and well-being of Zambians worldwide.
After the prayer meeting, food and beverages were provided to all. The Zambian Association of New England is proud to stand with all Zambians in peace and unity for Mother Zambia – Our Peaceful Nation…
Let us continue remembering our home country & countrymen in prayer.
Pastor Brian Ng'ambi

Pastor Brian Ng’ambi

Reverend Cornelius Masuwa

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