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Meeting Malawi’s First Female Vice-President

The President of the Zambian Association of New England (ZANE), Mr. Sekani Nkhata, was privileged to meet Malawi’s first female Vice- President, Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joyce Banda, at a luncheon that was recently held in her honor. New England Malawian Association (NEMA), a sister association of ZANE, hosted this event on Saturday, June 5th 2010 at the Lantana Restaurant, in Randolph, Massachusetts.

NEMA and ZANE have fostered a partnership that has strengthened over the course of two years. This strengthened partnership has lead the two associations to support each other’s programs, functions and events; as well as collaborate on future projects.

With this strong partnership in mind, NEMA invited Mr. Nkhata to give an informative speech, to shed some light to Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joyce Banda and the audience, on the continual neighbor-country relationship, which NEMA and ZANE have kept alive and well in the Diaspora. Mr. Nkhata thanked Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joyce Banda for her attendance and told her that he felt honored to have met a woman of such great influence and stature.  He spoke of the mutual benefits both associations have come to enjoy as a result of their partnership. In addition, Mr. Nkhata encouraged Malawians in the audience to be a part of NEMA and support its various programs.

Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joyce Banda reciprocated the warm accolades bestowed on her by the ZANE President, and recognized ZANE for the good work that it’s doing. She spoke of the relationship Malawi and Zambia enjoy, and likened its closeness to ‘a living room and bedroom located in the same house.’ She was very pleased to note that this partnership has continued between the two nations in the Diaspora.
A quick fun fact is that Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joyce Banda’s husband was actually born in Kawambwa, a main district in Luapula Province, one of Zambia’s nine provinces.

Special occasions such as this luncheon that honored a country’s visiting dignitary provide a platform for ZANE to foster and strengthen existing partnerships.

By Zangi

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