Empowering Zambians in the New England Area


Meet ZANE in CT Event!


The Zambian Association of New England was founded in 2007 with a goal of uniting & empowering Zambians in the New England region.

Since then, ZANE has been on a mission of seeking out Zambians in the six states of New England; knowing that, as Zambians, if we can come together, with one purpose – we shall empower one another as well as create a greater sense of community – An empowered Zambian community in the New England states.

Meet ZANE in CT Event’ is all about reaching out to our fellow Zambians in Connecticut – getting to know one another & having a great conversation on how we can work together as Zambians in NE.

Do you reside in CT? Do you know or have a relative/s who resides in CT?

Please come out for this event &/or help us send the word out!

Contact: Mr. Dalitso Mwanza at (203) 419-6144 or 

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