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Literature for Zambia Book Project

About the Project

The Literature For Zambia Book Project is a non-for-profit book project of the Zambian Association of New England [ZANE]. It was officially launched by ZANE on April 11th, 2009 during our 2nd Annual TiliPamodzi Dinner in Boston, Massachusetts.

The main purpose and goal of this project is to increase literacy levels in Zambia. This is being achieved by collecting, sorting, cataloging gently used & new books within the New England area for shipping to ZAMBIA .

Our belief is that Literacy is a human right; an allowance of personal empowerment, a means for social and human development. Educational & Job opportunities exclusively depend on literacy.

There are good reasons why literacy should be at the core of Education for all; literate parents are more likely to send their children to school; literate children are able to access continuing educational opportunities; literate societies are better geared to meet vital development, which in countries like ZAMBIA, is a much needed and lacking necessity.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], has expressed concern at the high levels of  illiteracy in Zambia. Recently, the Ministry of Education in Zambia revealed statistics in a 2011 Policy Statement that shows 4.3 million adults [33.5% of total adult Zambian population] cannot read or write, a staggering nearly one in four adults. This literacy crisis is most prevalent in Zambia’s under privileged and rural areas.

Project Partnership

The ZANE Education Department is working in conjunction with the Zambian Library Association [ZLA], an NGO registered with the registrar of Societies in Zambia . The Association draws its membership from library professionals from public, academic and special libraries across Zambia including rural areas. It currently has a membership of 150 librarians.

In the past the Association has undertaken book donations in collaboration with Zambia Library Service and other local and International organizations.

ZANE is excited to have adopted Chimwemwe Trust School and act as the School’s Primary Partner. Through this great initiative, Chimwemwe is now the primary recipient of books donated through The Literature For Zambia Book Project.

ZANE intends to seek more partners.

How To Help

*We are currently not collecting books at this time*

We collect all kinds of gently used and new books!
We are able to physically collect books in all Six States of New England: Connecticut , Maine , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , Rhode Island & Vermont .

Please contact:

Sibeso Macwani
Director of Education
Zambian Association of New England
50 Cambridge Rd, #307
Woburn, MA 01801
(620) 704-9695

If you prefer mailing the books, the address is:

50 Cambridge Rd, #307
Woburn , MA 01801

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