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Literature For Zambia Book Pick Up A Success!

The Zambian Association of New England [ZANE]was able to transfer a total of 6 book pallets on Wednesday September 7th, 2011, to one of its partner’s shipping affiliates.

This strong partner; Communities Without Borders [CWB], has worked with ZANE on a number of ZANE projects including the recent adoption of Chimwemwe Trust School, a joint fundraising venture at this year’s TiliPamodzi Dinner and a Zambian cultural informative session with five Bowdoin College students who volunteered this Summer at the Fountain of Hope Orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia.

These six book pallets were picked up right on schedule Wednesday afternoon and were filled with books collected throughThe Literature For Zambia Book Project, a book initiative of ZANE that aims to increase literacy levels in Zambia.

Shipment of The Literature For Zambia Books will occur in two phases; the transfer of books to CWB’s shipping affiliate (which occurred 9/7/11) and the final shipment of books to Zambia.

ZANE is very excited and grateful that the [first-ever] phase I shipment of 99% of its books to Zambia has been seamless & successful, due to the solid partnership and great effort of its partner CWB.

By Zangi

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  1. Kwanga Jan 28, 2015


    Thank you for contacting ZANE. Unfortunately, we do not have the password. We suggest you contact ZNBC directly.


  2. Mashmallow Jan 20, 2015

    I desperately want to access ZNBC TV live stream from here in Namibia. What password should I use? Is there subscription required?
    Kind regards


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