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ISF Annual Conference 2010

ZANE’s Partner Intercontinental Science Foundation [ISF] just held its Annual Conference this past Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

ISF is a Massachusetts based nonprofit organization that seeks to better communities in developing countries through knowledge application, by enabling participants to initiate, develop and share original ideas in all fields of learning. In addition, ISF acts as a catalyst, advocating for the facilitation and transfer of technology between countries.

ISF holds conferences every year to bring together researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs, thinkers and donors to focus on a specific theme; outlining issues and solutions. This year’s Annual Conference focused on “Environment & Food Security in Africa – The Case for Uganda & Zambia.” This discussion explored various ways through which farmers, communities, policy makers etc. can be empowered to increase food production without necessarily destroying the environment.

Hon. Edward Lutaaya Mukomazi
, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Forestry and Environment (Buganda) was the Keynote Speaker at this year’s event.  He told the audience how environmental issues have affected Uganda’s food production and emphasized the measures needed to be taken, to solve this problem. Hon. Mukomazi also shared that he attended the conference to expand his scope on environmental and food initiatives.

Dr. Sosten Lungu
presented the case for Zambia, and his presentation was on ‘Environment Preservation: The Faidherbia albida Tree.’ Dr. Lungu, an Assistant Professor at Vermont Technical College, explained to the audience how the agroforestry practice of planting the Faidherbia albida tree, has doubled food production in areas where shifting cultivation and charcoal production had caused deforestation. Dr. Lungu was officially introduced by Mr. Progress Pezulu, a Fulbright Scholar from Zambia attending Brandeis University. Prior to introducing Dr. Lungu, Mr. Pezulu gave the audience a general overview of Zambia and its environmental history.

Engineers Without Borders [Northeastern University Student Chapter], showcased water sanitation and distribution projects they have done in Uganda.
Scholarship opportunities were presented to those in attendance.
After an informative Q&A session, there was a photo op done of the conference attendees.

Our very own ZANE Vice-President Mr. Kwanga Kaweza, is on the board of ISF US. Chapter, and played a huge role in the conference. ZANE is excited to partner and support ISF in its mission to aid knowledge transfer for the education & innovation advancement of developing nations.

By Zangi

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