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Huge Turnout As ZANE Community Comes Together At TiliPamodzi Dinner

ZANE’s 3rd Annual TiliPamodzi Dinner was successfully held on Saturday April 30th, 2011 at Holiday Inn Select, in Woburn, Massachusetts .

TiliPamodzi means ‘We are together’ or ‘Togetherness’ in one of Zambia’s prestigious languages. The TiliPamodzi Dinner is an annual formal dinner, hosted by ZANE with the purpose of fund-raising for its nonprofit causes and bringing together its partners, friends and the community in a gathering that celebrates unity. This year’s dinner focused on fundraising for ZANE’s newly adopted community school; Chimwemwe Trust School found in Lusaka, Zambia.

Chimwemwe Trust School, which strives to educate orphans & vulnerable children (OVC), as well as deaf and hearing impaired children, is located in a needy area called Kabanana Compound. 80% of the students are orphaned and are unable to pay any school fees. The school currently has 22 hard of hearing students and 40 per cent more girls than boys. Other issues Chimwemwe faces is that it only has volunteer teachers, and lacks essential educational tools and materials. Chimwemwe Trust School which is not government funded and solely depends on donations from well-wishers, was adopted through Communities Without Borders (CWB), a nonprofit organization & partner of ZANE.

A number of highly distinguished guests graced this year’s TiliPamodzi Dinner; Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America H.E. Ambassador Sheila Siwela , African Union Permanent Representative to the United States of America H.E. Ambassador Amina S. Ali, Founder and President of Communities Without Borders Dr. Richard N. Bail and Zambia’s great freelance HIV/AIDS Activist and Author of Warrior Princess Kasune Zulu.

In his welcome remarks, ZANE’s President Mr. Sekani Nkhata, thanked all guests for coming out to support Chimwemwe. He spoke of the history of the TiliPamodzi dinner, ZANE’s valued partnerships with various nonprofit organizations; in particular how ZANE joined with CWB in the mission of educating AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children primarily in Africa and in this case, at Chimwemwe Trust School. Mr. Nkhata encouraged the community to continue in their generous support of Chimwemwe as the school is in great need of their assistance.

Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Sheila Siwela shared with the audience the value of education in the new millennium. “The Chimwemwe Trust School  Project is a good example of a positive Zambian Diaspora initiative and it compliments government’s  efforts in providing universal education,” she noted. H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Sheila Siwela’s perception of the 21st century African  pupil to education would require an integrated approach which would involve the parent, the sponsor (of the child to school), the village setting  as well as the community. She said that the pupil would not have to be only “book smart”, but would be an ideas’  person and very innovative, thereby attracting Investment in talent development instead of concentrating only on the traditional academic curriculum. Ambassador Siwela called on the Diaspora to help Africa in general and Zambia in particular to make the children realize their potential through relevant competence based education.

In line with this her counterpart African Union Permanent Representative to the United States of America H.E. Ambassador Amina S. Ali, urged the  African  Diaspora  and especially Zambians in the US to mobilize resources to build new classrooms, renovate existing buildings and to equip schools such as Chimwemwe in books and computers. “Mobilize funds for scholarships, especially for girls, sponsor specific activities and return home and volunteer in specific school activities,” She emphasized. H.E. Ambassador Ali also commended ZANE for the job  it was doing by supporting Chimwemwe Trust School in Zambia. She said a good deal had been accomplished according to the Millennium Development Goal Report 2010, such as Zambia breaking through the 90 per cent threshold towards greater access to primary education.

Princess Kasune Zulu, a world renowned HIV/AIDS Advocate and Spokesperson for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, called on all Zambians from all walks of life to work together in order to ensure that every child was given his or her basic human right – the access to education. “When our young and youth are educated, we can be assured of development. Basic education and higher education must be a reality for every Zambian. Without it, we are stuck and the nation has no future,” she said. In a moving speech, she stated that it was important for Zambian children to go high as they can in education regardless of their status, rich or poor. “Here lies Zambia’s future – Education!” she said.

Dr. Richard Bail, founder of CWB, gave a brief history of how his organization came to  be. He spoke of the happiness he felt about the partnership with ZANE to help orphans get equal access to an education. Dr. Bail is formerly a UNAIDS consultant in Zambia, who did extensive work in estimating the costs of the Zambian National HIV/AIDS Program.

Later on in the dinner, 3 awards were presented to deserving Zambians in the community, including a new collaboration between ZANE and The Harrison Scholars; a Zambian family that sponsor The Dorothy H. Harrison Passion And Persistence Scholarship Award, a US$1,000 scholarship that goes to a deserving Zambian student. Every year, this scholarship award will be showcased and handed out at the Annual TiliPamodzi Dinner.

The three community award recipients included:

Aunty Grace Mwanza BoykaiCommunity Excellence Award
Mr. Michael MaibaMost Valuable Player Sports Award
Mrs. Janet MwaleDorothy H. Harrison Passion & Persistence Scholarship Award

A donation ceremony towards the school was then conducted by Princess Kasune Zulu.

Master of Ceremonies Mr. Jabbes Mvula did a good job of handling the mic throughout  the dinner with personality, humor and charm. The night was pleasantly full of fun and great networking.

In the end, guests came away with the notion that “Together” they can help young children have a bright and hopeful future.

By Zangi

For more pictures of the event check out our Facebook Page!
The TiliPamodzi Dinner was also featured on Zambia News Features and The Globe Newspaper

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