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Huge Turnout As Community Supports Graduates At 2013 ZANE Grad BBQ

The ZANE community turned out in huge numbers to support the class of 2013 this past Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at the 2013 ZANE Grad BBQ.

ZANE’s Education Department has hosted the graduation barbecue for five years now, to celebrate the achievements of graduates in the community.

The graduating class comprised of 8 graduates of various school levels:

Aunty Grace Mwanza Boykai
Chifunilo Lungu
Alice Madaza
Derrick Chikwanda Musonda
Mbalanda Mwanza
Joshua Mwanza
Tendai Phiri
Anna Songolo

ZANE Grads Cutting Congratulatory Cake

The 2013 ZANE Grad BBQ was held in Lowell, Massachusetts, a city with a large Zambian population. During the official gift presentation, Mercy Harrison, a member of the ZANE Grad Alumni, shared her experience with the graduates; of how she was blessed to have taken part in the ZANE Graduation Barbecue. She mentioned how she has applied the  ZANE Grad Alumni slogan- ‘A ZANE Grad Gives Back‘ by being one of the founding members of The Harrison Scholars, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to Zambian students.

ZANE’s Graduation Barbecue continues to be one of the organization’s popular events. It was a great day filled with delicious bbq, childrens’ games and proud graduates…

Delicious BBQ!








Children playing games







By Zangi

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