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Exciting News: Arrival & Pick-up of ZANE’s Donated Books in Lusaka!

ZANE’s Education Department is pleased to announce that the ** DONATED BOOKS** that were sourced through ZANE’s ‘Literature for Zambia Book Project’ and SHIPPED FOR FREE through our partner Communities Without Borders 2 years ago, have finally arrived & are ready for pick-up in Lusaka, Zambia.

The books will be collected this Wednesday May 8, 2013. The recipients of over 95%* of the donated books will be ZANE’s adopted school: Chimwemwe Trust School {CTS; a community non-governmental school that educates orphans, vulnerable children & deaf and hard of hearing children}

Our ZANE Representative in Zambia together with CTS officials and family representation from our biggest book donor will be on hand to witness this momentous occasion in the history of ZANE.

The Education Department will share photos of this special day and in the near future send out an official report detailing the success of our Book Project and its ultimate closure.

We would like to thank all individuals who have supported our quest for increasing literacy levels in our motherland, Zambia.
Thank you.

Sibeso Kaweza
ZANE Edu. Director

*The other 5% consists of college books. The Edu. Dept. will soon be liaising with the Zane community on a possible recipient.

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