Empowering Zambians in the New England Area


Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

The main purpose of this program is to spur & showcase entrepreneurship in & outside the ZANE community.
Entrepreneurs assemble resources including innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform the status quo into economic and social assets.

ZANE through this program focuses on three main objectives:

  1. To uncover determining factors limiting natural talent and creativity
    –  Through leadership training programs
    –  Mentoring programs
  2. To encourage and spur innovation to aspiring entrepreneurs, established socio-economic entrepreneurs and individuals
    –  Through entrepreneurial seminars and conferences
    –  Through networking
  3. To empower entrepreneurs
    –  Through partnerships
    –  Through entrepreneurial establishments

Through this exciting program, we showcase our entrepreneurs’ events, projects, etc.

Kudos to Entrepreneurship!

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