Empowering Zambians in the New England Area


Combat Illiteracy


Our belief is that Literacy is a human right; an allowance of personal empowerment, a means for social and human development. In reality, educational and job opportunities exclusively depend on literacy.


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], has expressed concern at the high levels of  illiteracy in Zambia. Recent statistics reveal show that 4.3 million adults [33.5% of total adult Zambian population] cannot read or write, a staggering nearly one in four adults. This literacy crisis is most prevalent in Zambia’s under privileged and rural areas.


To help the cause of Literacy for Zambia, ZANE has responded with ‘Combat Illiteracy’ an Empowerment through Education program! ZANE is on a sole mission of aiding individuals with educational opportunities and tools, helping them fulfill their potential and achieve their destiny.

Through Combat Illiteracy, ZANE launched “The Literature For Zambia Book Project,” with the main purpose of increasing literacy levels in rural and under privileged areas in Zambia. This is being achieved by collecting gently used & new books within the New England area for distribution to Zambia.

As ZANE has adopted Chimwemwe Trust School, and now acts as the School’s Primary Partner; Chimwemwe is now the primary recipient of books donated through ‘The Literature For Zambia Book Project.’ Only books that are relevant to the school are to be distributed.

The promotion of iSchool Programs also have great potential in fighting illiteracy. ZANE, in collaboration with its partners is looking at ways of bolstering the iSchool Program at Chimwemwe Trust School with Schools in the United States.

Combat Illiteracy is also composed of the following below:

  1. Seeking Out Scholarships
    – Through partnerships with scholarship organizations
    – From academic institutions
    – Through helpful online links
  2. Seeking Child Sponsorship
    - Through individuals or family well-wishers
    – Through Schools and various institutions of learning
    – Through corporate organizations [for profit or non for profit]
    – By promoting & supporting literacy clubs & projects in schools and youth/adult associations
    – Through partnerships with other organizations that are combating illiteracy in Zambia
  3. Sourcing Educational Materials and Resources
    -Through partnerships with organizations
    -Through schools & interested  individuals 

ZANE also seeks to do its part in ensuring libraries are well stocked in Zambia as an advocate for literacy.

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