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CMI- Walk for a Green Zambia

ZANE was happy to participate in its Partner’s [Color Me In!] cause in the ‘Walk for a Green Zambia’ which was held on Zambia’s Independence Day, October 24th, 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Color Me In! is a nonprofit organization that pairs micro-loans for small business development with local tree planting in Zambia to empower communities to build an economic and environmentally sustainable future. [Charcoal production is one of the greatest threats to Zambia’s vegetation and leads to deforestation]

The ‘Walk for a Green Zambia’ was held to raise $12 000 that would go towards funding Green Loans to support seven groups of entrepreneurs in Zambia. Color Me In! Green Loans are small business loans to groups of entrepreneurs in Zambia where borrowers have to pay back 75% of their debt in-kind by planting trees – one tree per $1 borrowed ( K5,000). The remaining 25% of the loan is paid back to CMI in cash and is forwarded to help support another local initiative within the same village.

The seven group of Zambian entrepreneurs needing the loans are based in Central and Northern Provinces:
Kananda Community School which needs $4,000 to begin a piggery to help feed pupils and pay its teachers
Bupensebele Fish Farmers whichneeds $3,000 to stock their fish ponds and buy high quality organic feed
Chibobo Community Clubs which need $5,000 to begin keeping chickens, goats, pigs, and to learn more about organic farming.

The walk started in Harvard Square and was along the Charles River. ZANE was glad to join CMI, which is made up of former Peace Corps volunteers who have lived in Zambia for many years, for this wonderful cause. While walking along the river, the united group took photographs of the beautiful fall foliage. These amazing photographs will be shared with CMI’s clients in Zambia as a learning tool, to show them the various kinds of trees in the US and how they benefit their environment. The ‘Walk for a Green Zambia’ also provided a platform for ZANE and CMI, to have a great conversation, on how to further help each other’s cause.

So far, $3,000 has been raised and ZANE encourages all to unite and support this cause that helps our fellow countrymen as well as planet Earth!

By Zangi

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