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Chimwemwe Trust School


The Chimwemwe Trust School is a community school that educates orphans & vulnerable children of all backgrounds as well as special needs children. The school is not government run and solely depends on donations from well-wishers.


Chimwemwe Trust School was originally named Child Assistance Development Support Organization [CADSO].
It got started in 1998 in a home, providing education to the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children from Grades 1 up through 9.
The school is located in a community that consists of families that moved from their villages to the city to seek work and business opportunities. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has ravaged this impoverished people leaving unskilled & uneducated women and children to provide for the young and the elderly.
Chimwemwe Trust School was created on the basis of seeing many children who should be in school growing up on the streets, in rural townships and in the city without an education. In some cases orphans would even head households taking care of their younger siblings and not be in school.

The SchooL

Chimwemwe Trust School is located in Kabanana Compound, a needy area home to 1600 individuals, 13 Kilometers (approximately 8+ Miles) north-end of Lusaka, Zambia.

The School has an area of about 2080m². It has 9 classrooms and the capacity to enroll up to 900 students from Grades one through nine.
As of November 2010, the school has only 350 students.

Out of the 350 Students:

–          272 students are orphans and vulnerable children including the deaf & hard of hearing.

–          306 students are children from Grades 1 through 7, while 44 students are in the 8th & 9th Grade

–          190 students are below the age of 10

The school runs an iSchool Program, a project initiative of AfriConnect Development Company in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Zambia.
The iSchool program provides eLearning (free on-line educational resources) mapped to the Zambian Curriculum.

Through this initiative, the school has internet service & a few donated computers to help it run the iSchool Program.
The entire school has only 5 school teachers; therefore the iSchool program really proves to be a remarkable tool in the aiding & assisting of the school curriculum being taught.

However, the school faces remarkable and complex challenges in trying to meet its objectives. ZANE has instituted a CTS Program to meet the needs of the school.

Some of the school challenges are:

To help Chimwemwe Trust School meet its challenges please click here.
ZANE & the Children of Chimwemwe thank you for your generosity.

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