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A Sincere Thank You From a Fellow Zedian!

With 2011 gone and a new 2012 here, I am compelled to write this as a thank you for all the support I received, continue to receive and look forward to receiving. I pledge to be as supportive as I can to all friends, family and fellow Zambians living in Diaspora.

I am saying thank you to family, friends and most of all to the Zambians in Diaspora Associations around the world.

To the Associations; I know you get less “thank you’s” than you deserve. You however, continue getting very little credit from fellow Zambians in Diaspora – an unfair scenario considering the vast duties you have. Truth be told, your work, though underappreciated remains vital to the Diaspora community.

Uniting a community that chooses to separate its self due to perceived or truly existing social strata is a daunting task.

Though we have so much in common, our differences sometimes seem to take over and this in many cases has made the Diaspora Associations efforts look like they are failing. Diaspora Associations are doing a good job. They are well intended and need all the support and participation from local community members in order to be at peak performance. Keep doing what you are doing as associations and let us, as members of the Diaspora support the bodies that represent us in the eyes of the world.

Keep your goal in mind as we embrace 2012 with love and unity. We appreciate every individual in all associations for their selfless act of sacrificing their much needed time to tend to the plights of fellow Zedians in Diaspora.

“One Zambia, One Nation” and “One Love” to all!

Yours Truthfully,

Nasilele Criss Mwakamui

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