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A Meeting of Minds

ZANE recently held a Community Town Hall Meeting this past Saturday, June 19, 2010 at West Cummings Park in Woburn, Massachusetts. This informative meeting included a Question & Answer (Q & A) session with the ZANE leadership, where participants got the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Being a community non-profit organization, ZANE knows very well how communication is VITAL between the community and its leaders. ZANE also underwent a REORGANIZATION process recently, and the association’s leaders felt it necessary to convey these changes to the community. With this in mind, ZANE decided to hold a Community Town Hall Meeting, where a meeting of minds could convene.

Open Forum

ZANE’s Vice-President, Mr. Kwanga Kaweza opened the proceedings by welcoming all participants to the meeting. He likened the gathering to ‘ichitente,’ (a traditional Zambian gathering where a community meets to share stories and discuss issues).

ZANE’s Co-Spiritual Advisor Rev. Cornelius Masuwa opened in a word of prayer.
Mr. Kaweza then gave a brief history of what ZANE is, how long it has been in existence, its programs and services, its goals, and how many members it currently has.

After that acknowledgment, it was then time for ZANE leaders to give a brief introduction and inform the audience of what made them choose to be in a leadership role; each leader went on to give updates on the work they are doing and opportunities/challenges they face in their day-to-day tasks – It was very interesting and informative to hear from each leader and what they had to say.

The Q&A session followed with a myriad of great questions and positive interaction from the participants. One participant asked “how many partners does ZANE have and which are they?” The leaders gave lengthy but great feedback saying “ZANE has over a little more than 10 partners across the States that offer various programs and services.” The leaders went on to name most of those partners including: ‘ISF’ that specializes in knowledge transfer; ‘New Seasons Youth Program’ that seeks scholarships for gifted African and Caribbean Youth; Color Me In that pairs micro-loans for small business development in Zambia with local tree planting etc. One participant in the audience echoed popular sentiments by encouraging ZANE to keep doing the good work that it does.

After a wonderful, inspiring and building Q&A session, closing remarks with a closing prayer followed, leading up to a meet and greet session.

Light snacks with refreshments were served during the Meet and Greet Session. This activity had people interacting, socializing and networking.

The meeting of minds came away with this:
When you run alone you run fast, but when you run together, you run far.

Zikomo kwambili…..

By Zangi

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