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A Letter of Thanks from Chimwemwe Trust School


Chimwemwe Trust School (CTS) is very much pleased with the recent Jersey Donation from Ms. Sharon Mulenga to the children. As you will see from the pictures enclosed, the children are very delighted. The weather is now very cold in Zambia, the donation was timely, and the children are warm and happy.

CTS Children Showing Jubilation At Recent Jersey Donation

Other Beneficiaries were from the Community (the church that supports the school); five expectant mothers got some of the infant jerseys and 14 children also received their share.

We really recommend you and wish God’s blessings.

Thank you
Rev. Kasalika
CTS School Director

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  1. Rejoice with us as we celebrate 26 years of marriage on January 17th. His name be Praised.

    Pastor and Mrs Temfwe


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