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2010 ZANE Ambassador Town Hall Meeting

ZANE was happy to host the new Zambian Ambassador to the U.S. Her Excellency Ambassador, Mrs. Sheila Siwela on August 15TH, 2010 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

This formal meeting with our Ambassador, Partners, Friends of Zambia and the Community at Large turned out as envisioned: Fruitful and Memorable.
What lasted approximately 3 and half hours was indeed a great platform with a great conversation that shed so much light on a common goal: ‘Empowering Zambians

The meeting had a vibrant and exciting panel that included H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Sheila Siwela & 2 delegates- Political and Consular Officer Mr. Evaristus Kalaba, Press and Public Relations Officer Mr. Ben Kangwa.

The panel also had ZANE President Mr. Sekani Nkhata, ZANE Vice President Mr. Kwanga Kaweza; ZANE’s Partners: CWB Founder & President Dr. Richard Bail, Canterio International Director Mr. Isa Ebowe, Prudential Financial Specialist Mr. Mawano Kambeu, CMI Founder & Executive Director Ms.Sarah Grant, NEMA Interim Chairperson Ms. Tione Chilambe, MAC/AFIA Program Director Ms. Chioma Nnaji & ISF Vice President Mr. Herbert Kibuuka.

The meeting took-off with a prayer from ZANE’s Co-Spiritual Advisor Rev. Cornelius Masuwa followed by a collective patriotic singing of the Zambian National Anthem
Without further or do, ZANE’s president Mr. Nkhata (acting as meeting moderator), introduced the delegation panel and ZANE’s partners to the audience.

Immediately after, Mr. Nkhata welcomed the ambassador with a brief speech that stressed ZANE’s cooperation and assistance to the ambassador, in making her stay and programs successful. He also expressed happiness at the introduction of investment opportunities to the Diaspora by the Zambian Government, and ended by alluding to the need for non-profit, non-governmental organizations and the Zambian government to collaborate on programs for the betterment of Zambia.

ZANE’s partners followed with introductions of their organizations and missions. It was indeed remarkable and humbling to learn of the great works these selfless individuals and groups are doing in mother Zambia. The videos and PowerPoint presentations not only showed how successful their programs have been, but also showed the challenges ahead and the need to collaboratively work together. The partners expressed gratitude to partner with ZANE.

It was then time for Zambian Ambassador to the U.S. H.E. Ambassador, Mrs. Sheila Siwela to address the audience.
First and foremost, she thanked ZANE for putting up such a wonderful event. She right away championed a much closer relationship between the Zambian Embassy and the Diaspora. To this effect, she mentioned the creation of a Diaspora Desk, by the Zambian Government, that will be in constant liaison with the Zambian Diaspora, in exploring ways to enhance Diaspora participation, not only in the development of Zambia, but also in investment opportunities geared to help Zambians abroad.
A quick fun fact is that H.E Ambassador, Mrs. Sheila Siwela is also a motivational speaker, and she got the audience involved with ‘The 10 D’s of Success’ such as Desire, Determination, Discipline, Destiny and Divine Connection…

With the audience now pumped up with all that had occurred, it was now time for a Question & Answer session. Some of the questions asked were:

- How the Zambian Government will make it possible for Zambians in the Diaspora to invest back home
– Issues with Passport renewals
– Access to funding
– Access to the Diaspora Desk

When the Q&A session came to a close, ZANE through its Co-Spiritual Advisor Rev. Margaret Masuwa presented a bouquet of flowers and a gift to H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Sheila Siwela.

This pivotal meeting then came to a successful end with a closing prayer by ZANE Community Chief Mr. Stanley Kabaso.

To crown the occasion, Zambian food & delicacies were served and much enjoyed by all in attendance. This food was prepared by renowned chef Mrs. Grace Mwanza Boykai, of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Thanks to all who made this event possible and memorable!

By Zangi



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